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Specializing in  Accounting, Tax, Wealth Management, Elder Care, Asset Protection, Tax Debt Relief, Insurance/Retirement Planning.


With all of the changes that occur year after year to laws and policies regarding finance and taxation, especially over the last couple of years, it is strongly suggested that you have a relationship with a good financial consultant and tax expert. This will enable you to maximize all potential financial benefits available to you.

We can help you with all that, as we offer a wide range of Accounting and Financial Services to assist you with almost any situation. You'll soon find that one of the main advantages to working with us is the wide range of accounting and financial services you will have access to.

From IRS assistance, to tax estate planning, to ongoing accounting services for businesses, to you personal tax issues, we can do it all. Work with an Accountant / Financial Consultant who is experienced, attentive, and dedicated to helping every client reach their financial goals.


With personalized investment planning your specific needs, goals, and finances will be taken into consideration to discover the right plan for you.


What are the best financial products for you?


Plenty of CPAs, Accountants, and Investment Advisors will give you a standard answer to this question, but the truth is that the right products for you are not necessarily the right products for someone else.
When you work with Sajo Financial Corp., you will get dedicated professionals who can create a plan to help get you out of debt, save for retirement, or reach other financial goals you might have.

Today is the day to start planning for your future.

Accounting and Tax Services

  • Small Business Accounting & Bookeeping

  • Financial Report Preparation

  • Personal Financial Statements

  • Individual and Corporate Income Tax Returns

  • Electronic Filing 

  • IRS Problem and Debt Resolution

  • Business Plans

  • Payroll Services Corporate Filings

  • Audits

  • More...

Investment & Retirement Planning

  • Traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, SEP IRA’s

  • 401K / 403B / IRA Rollovers & Transfers

  • Equity Indexed and other Life Insurance products

  • College Savings Plans

  • Estate and Trusts

  • Etc.

Debt Resolution

  • Settle Back Tax Debt

  • Penalties & Interest Abatement

  • IRS Tax Lien & Levy

  • Garnished Wages

  • Audit Notification

  • Offer’s in Compromise

  • Settle Back Payroll Taxes

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