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Cryptocurrencies are the future of money transfer and transactions. The phenomenon of Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being the most popular, appears to be here to stay.


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), therefore, has recently determined that Crypto Currencies are Property, and should be treated as such. This determination has lead the IRS to require that ALL TRADES in and out of Crypto Currencies be disclosed on your Tax Returns.

The process of reporting these Cryptocurrency trades is involved and tedious.


Our associates at Sajo Financial Corp. have completed extensive training and research into Crypto Taxation, and how it works, making us experts in this field of Cryptotaxation.


In addition to the actual preparation of tax returns with cryptocurrency transactions, we can provide you with the knowledge and foresight into cryptocurrency trading, the tax implications of such transactions before you make them, among other things.


Contact us for a free consultation.

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