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Whether you need individual or corporate returns, you've found the fast, exceptional services
you've been looking for.

Do you need Accounting or Financial Services, or do you just need your income taxes prepared?

Get help with a wide range of Accounting and Financial Services. You'll soon find that one of the main advantages to working with our firm is the wide range of accounting and tax services you will have access to. From IRS assistance, to tax estate planning, to ongoing accounting services for businesses, we can do it all.


Work with a team of Accountants / Financial Consultants, who are experienced, attentive, and dedicated to helping every client reach their financial goals.

When it comes to having your Individual or Corporate Income Tax Returns prepared, you've found the fast, exceptional services you're looking for. Get help with everything from simple to complex tax situations, and with the ability to prepare returns for any
state in the USA.

Business Taxes

Business Taxes
Every business is required by law to file a tax return each year they operate a business. A large portion of my business clients are incorporated. For those clients, we complete the following tax returns as they are required:
• Federal Corporate Tax Returns
• State of Florida Corporate Tax Return
• Local County Personal Property Tax Return
• Fictitious Name & Florida Trademark Filings

Additionally, we will perform as needed:
• Partnership Tax Returns
• Estate and Gift Tax Returns
• Fiduciary Tax Returns
• Corporate Tax Returns for other States

Fees are based on time and expertise required for your business. The objective is to give as much value as possible for the fee charged. At the initial conference we discuss the nature of the work to be done for you, and the fee arrangement. There is no charge for this conference and you are encouraged to discuss fees
with us at any time.

Remember... you get what you pay for... and my best effort is always guaranteed.


Individual Taxes

Individual Taxes

Individual Tax Returns


Each year we prepare personal income tax returns for our individual and business clients. No Tax return is too large or complicated for us to handle. I have the experience to handle variety of complex tax matters, including: large capital transactions, sale of business or personal property, rental income and limited partnerships. 


Our fees for preparing tax returns are based on the complexity of the tax returns, not on the amount of the refund. 


What do we need to have on hand to prepare your taxes 

  • W-2 - wages and salary 

  • W-2G - gambling winnings 

  • Form 1099-R - retirement income 

  • Form 1099-INT - interest 

  • Form 1099-DIV - dividends 

  • Form 1099-MISC - miscellaneous income, including self-employment 

  • Form 1099-G - government payments 

  • Form 1099-SA - MSA or HSA distributions 

  • Form 1099-B - broker or barter exchanges 

  • Form SSA-1099 - Social Security benefits 

  • Form RRB-1099 - railroad retirement 

  • Schedule K-1 - partnership income or loss 

  • Your Social Security number (SSN) or taxpayer identification number (ITIN) and SSNs or ITINs for spouse and dependents (if any) 

  • Your birth date and birth date for spouse and dependents (if any) 

  • Income source documents:   

  • Documents that reflect items you might have paid during the year:   

  • Form 1098 - mortgage interest 

  • Form 1098-E - student loan interest 

  • Form 1098-T - tuition 

  • Records and receipts for:   

  • Unreimbursed mileage related to work or volunteering 

  • Charitable donations 

  • Contributions to retirement plans 

  • Healthcare expenses 

  • Self-employment income and expenses, including any:   

  • Home-office expenses 

  • Health-insurance premiums paid 

  • Transportation costs 

  • Advertising fees 

  • Rental property 

  • Moving expenses, if you moved for a new job 

  • Expenses for energy-efficient home improvements 

  • Tuition or fees paid for education for you, spouse, or dependents 

  • Retirement account rollovers 

  • Child care and dependent care expenses, including the employer identification number (EIN) or SSN of the care provider 

  • A copy of last year's return 

  • Financial account information to pay any balance due or receive any refund  

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