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Retirement could be the best phase of your life if you plan it well.

Maximize your investment possibilities 


With personalized investment planning your specific needs, goals, and finances will be taken into consideration to discover the right plan for you

What are the best financial products for you?


Plenty of CPAs, Accountants, and Investment Advisors will give you a standard answer to this question, but the truth is that the right products for you are not necessarily the right products for someone else. 


When you work with Sajo Financial Corp., you will get a dedicated professional who can create a plan to help get you out of debt, save for retirement, or reach other financial goals you might have. 


Today is the day to start planning for your future. 


Specific Services offered:

  • Retirement Planning

  • Investment Planning

  • IRA’s, SEP’s – Invest in an IRA for your retirement.

  • 401K / 403B / IRA Rollovers & Transfers – Transfer a 401K from an old job to a personal, Individual IRA, giving you more options for investing.

  • Life Insurance - Universal Life, Term Life, Equity Indexed

  • College Savings Plans

  • Estate and Trusts

  • Etc.

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